Strasbourg, July 15-19, 2024



The SDS summer school aims to promote research and innovation on computer/data science tools of clinical value by providing multidisciplinary education on surgical data science. The school is therefore dedicated to educating clinicians and computer scientists on respective contexts, needs, tools and methodologies.


We are witnessing the transformation of operating rooms into smart hubs of interconnected advanced technologies where multiple, highly specialized professionals must coordinate for the benefit of patients. Such high-stake sociotechnical process is generally highly effective but error prone. Surgical data science aims to improve the safety and efficiency of modern surgery by modelling multimodal surgical data and developing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide timely assistance to caregivers.

However, to build clinically impactful surgical data science tools there is a need for a tight and effective collaboration between clinicians and computer scientists. Currently, there is a lack of opportunities for these community to meet, learn from each other and finally develop the common language needed to team up and complement each other.

SDS summer school

Educational materials  on fundamentals of image-guided surgery and computer/data science is freely accessible on our dedicated online SDS portal. Upon completing these fundamentals, prospective participants will be able to apply to an onsite selective multi-day intensive summer school consisting of a series of lectures and hands-on labs. During the on-site school participants will get the unique opportunity to work in small teams on practical projects with mentors’ help. Towards this, related materials (datasets and trained models) and resources (accelerators) will be provided, and the teams will be challenged to come up with novel ideas and data science solutions of clinical value.

IHU Strasbourg
The 2024 edition of the Surgical Data Science (SDS) Summer School will be jointly organised by the University of Strasbourg and the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU Strasbourg). The center offers a truly multidisciplinary environment to innovate in the image-guided surgery domain with strong collaborations with academia and industry. Surgeons and engineers work closely together on practical as well as moonshot research ideas. Promising ideas are funded and supported by internal and competitive research grants or by partnership programs, while developed and validated ideas are translated to products through licensing and startup spin-offs.

Who should consider applying?

Applicants for the onsite course should be:

    • Medical students in their last year
    • Physicians in residency, master or PhD
    • Computer scientists/engineers at a master, doctoral or postdoctoral level


Application process

Applicants need to do the following steps:

    • Register on the EVE platform
    • Complete the lectures on the EVE platform
    • Apply to the SDS summer school

Prospective students will be notified via email by 15th of May 2024 to complete registration.

Registration fees

    • 300€ for students (e.g. medical, computer science, PhD student)

Registration cost covers summer school educational activities, breakfast, lunch, and welcome dinner. Upon receipt of motivation letter a small number of complimentary registrations for participants from under-resourced areas will be offered.

Important dates

  • Launch of online lectures & opening of applications: 1st of January 2024
  • Application deadline: 15th of April 2024 (22nd of April 2024, extended for a week)
  • Notification of decision: 15th of May 2024 (extended to 20th May 2024)
  • Registration deadline: 31st of May 2024
  • SDS Summer School at IHU-Strasbourg: 15th – 19nd of July 2024



Pietro Mascagni, MD

Pietro Mascagni, MD

Researcher, IHU Strasbourg

Vinkle Srivastav, PhD

Vinkle Srivastav, PhD

Research Scientist, IHU Strasbourg

Agnès Gronfier

Agnès Gronfier

Educational Program Manager, IHU Strasbourg

Justine Chadefaux

Justine Chadefaux

Education Program Coordinator, IHU Strasbourg

Silvana Perretta, MD

Silvana Perretta, MD

Professor of Surgery, Director of Education, IHU Strasbourg

Nicolas Padoy, PhD

Nicolas Padoy, PhD

Professor, University of Strasbourg, Director of AI Research, IHU Strasbourg

IHU Strasbourg
IHU Strasbourg
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IHU Strasbourg

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This educational project is supported by the Institute for Image-Guided Surgery.

The Institute is a designated part of the “Programme Investissements d’Avenir” and benefits from the financial support of the government managed by the “Agence Nationale de la Recherche” under reference code ANR-10-IAHU-02. The Institute is also funded by the Région Alsace, the Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin, the Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg and the European Union.